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Have you had any problems creating the perfect hat? The rim always turns out to be warped, right? And you don't want to follow the crowd and buy one of those mass produced beenie hats... right? Well, we here at Threadbanger, have been overwhelmed with requests for guy-fashion, so in this episode we are taking the que and showing you how to create your own awesome rimmed beenie hat!''' Also, subscribe to Threadbanger on itunes!!!

Step 1: Drawing the Rim Shape

Picture of Drawing the Rim Shape
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1. Using a hat that you have lying around, line up the inside edge of the rim with the edge of a piece of paper, and trace around the curve.

2. First, draw a vertical line from the center of the curve, down to the edge of the paper. Then, measure the width of the thinnest point of the rim using a ruler and draw the midpoint on the line.

3. Then draw a curve connecting the midpoint to one of the two points where the original curve meets the edge of the paper.

losingsleep5 years ago
ahhhh yes i just did it!! woot! i love it! thanks!
Awesome!!!! I love this site. You need to buy virtualy nothing to make your own hat!! Just don't use a good sweater that Aunt Millie gave you for Christmas.LOL
Amazing instructable! This is the first clothing-related item I have ever sewn, and I love how it came out :) I named my hat oreo.
OMG. this is AWESOME
waffleman5 years ago
thats heeeeeella sick. i think ill make one :)
tyeo0987 years ago
I did it, but the measurments are off.... 10 inches for both sides it wayyy to small.

But I guess that means I have a big head...

but 10+10=20

and 20/ (pi...) is about six inches.

pfirsch tyeo0987 years ago
Don't you mean that the DIAMETER is 6 inches? The CIRCUMFERENCE is 20.
tyeo098 pfirsch7 years ago
potato tomato
tdude1076 years ago
This is really cool. but how warm is it
If you want to guess how warm the sweater would be, then here's an untested idea. Get your sweater of choice, and before cutting it up, tie it around your head. If it's too warm, consider a different one, but if it's just right, then grab your scissors and start cutting :D
This is pretty cool. I'll have to make this sometime.
yeah, these hats are the greatest. my friend gave me one that didn't fit him anymore.
kewl... im makin one of these even tho its summer...
Whoa, that beanie is rockin man! I wanna make one now! Except i have no sewing machine...
SGutshall7 years ago
I bought a sweater at the thrift store and made one of these tonight. It's awesome and it fits perfect. Great tutorial! It's a lot easier than I thought it would be, having never sewed anything before in my life...
Awesome! Looks pretty easy, well, kind of, might try it out. :-)
GrimTheLost7 years ago
This is really cool. I like that now I have a step by step instructions on how to do it. Thanks!