Picture of How To Make a Shrug Wrap out of an Old Turtleneck
Do you have big old turtlenecks lying around that you would never wear? Well, Threadbanger can help you turn that old thing into a brand new shrug wrap! Use your cutting and serging skills to create a new/old sweater that has a sash you can wrap around your waist. For more DIY style, subscribe to Threadbanger on iTunes!

Step 1: Cutting the Turtleneck

Picture of Cutting the Turtleneck
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1. Take your turtleneck and fold it in half and mark it to find the midpoint of the body section.

2. Then cut all the way up the front.

3. Cut the bottom section off starting 2 inches below the armpit.

4. Cut both arms into three-quarter sleeves.
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