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 In this Instructable I will show you how to make a simple portable fan. Warning before taking apart the computer power supply you must unplug the power supply or else you could be really painfully shocked or even killed just from touching one of those silver plates which are heat sinks I learned that first hand but luckily I wasn't killed. You should also use a grounding wrist band with a built in resistor and make sure you keep your hands and tools away from the big black things, they are capacitors which can still hold a charge of about 200 volts at 5 amps which can easily injury or even kill you!! I am not responsible if you get injured or killed.  But you can easily overcome this by using a different fan from inside your computer.

Step 1: Getting The Materials

Picture of Getting The Materials
 Here is a list of things you need to make the fan:

One computer power supply or one computer fan (if you are using a computer fan then skip steps 2 and 3 )
Eight AA batteries
One battery holder for eight AA batteries

One Phillips screwdriver
Masking tape
kodiaktau2 years ago
Might be a good idea to mention staying away from the caps in the power supply. Safety first.
do you need 8 batteries?
account3r24 years ago
or 1 A (23A) battery. they are 12 volts.
You DO NOT want to wear a grounding wrist band while working with a PSU. Wearing the wrist band will pass a high voltage charge through your body. You do not want that! While working with high voltage sources dont use a wristband and try use only one hand if your removing a component or w/e. Using two hands will complete a circuit, passing voltage through your body.
qazwsx755 (author)  hatehatehate5 years ago
I mend a grounding wrist band with a built in resistor so it decreases the amps. Remember volts wont kill you but Amps will!!!
Still Safty First LOL
bertus52x115 years ago
 Clear instructable!
qazwsx755 (author)  bertus52x115 years ago
Thanks and this was the first Instructable I had ever made.
RoboticKop5 years ago
AWESOME!!!  This is great!!! thanks!!

Cant you use computer power supply and make it run  like a portable fan? What holds 8 batteries or more now  a days? how long does it run for?
qazwsx755 (author)  RoboticKop5 years ago
I'm glad you like it. It would be very hard to make a computer power supply portable because the computer power supply runs on 110 volts. You can get a battery holder that holds 8 batteries from The Source or Radioshack.
bigstiffy5 years ago
This is fantastic, I had a dead power supply laying around for a year, now I can finally put the fan to use.
rimar20005 years ago
Good work!!

Cheap, eco-friendly and useful... 
qazwsx755 (author)  rimar20005 years ago
 Thanks!! I'm glad you like it.