How to Make a Soda Can Beer Sleeve




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Introduction: How to Make a Soda Can Beer Sleeve

Get away with some drinking in public with a soda can beer sleeve. Chris from HackCollege shows how to make one in 5 minutes or less. Tailgates, here we come.



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    why not just make a coozy?
    Take a mouse pad, attache a coke, pepsi, root beer, etc...label, sew it so it's snug around the can,bottle, etc, & not only will it "hide" the beer, but it'll keep it cold too!!

    it would be better if you score and cut the can using a blade in a book, giving you better accuracy and a cleaner cut
    and sand your edges

    cans in the uk: pop (soda) cans are usually 330ml and beer cans are 440 or 500 ml. it would be easy to put  pure vodka in a 330ml can  and have a second containing coke

    thirty twoth is fine. a pity that the cans in the uk are different !

    HAHAAHA "thirty tooth of an inch"

    it would be "thirty seconth of an inch" .great idea

    " probably a thirty tooth of an inch" haha great vid

    If you hold the can a little loose wont the inside can just slip out? Maybe you can cut the bottom of the coke can and slit the side-- hold the coke can upside down with the beercan in it. Since the coca cola lettering is sideways, it might look normal.

    lol @ "thirty two-th of an inch"

    How to disguise your beer as a soda can in 15 seconds or less: Pour the beer into the soda can.

    it's a bit like kipkay's...

    better way? use razor blade in book technique to take off bottom, can opener to take off top, sand top edge, and cut down the side.