Picture of How To Make a Speedy Paper Airplane
Begin with the right supplies:

1) One or two pieces of printer paper.
2) Scissors
3) Pen or pencil
4) One paper clip
5) Scotch Tape
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Step 1: The First Fold

Picture of The First Fold
Fold the paper lengthwise in the hot-dog-fold.

Step 2: The Center Line

Picture of The Center Line
waseem 006.jpg
Open the paper and draw a line down the crease of the fold.  This will help with alignment during the following step. 

Step 3: The Point of the Aircraft

Picture of The Point of the Aircraft
waseem 011.jpg
1) Shape the nose of the aircraft by creating a triangle from each side toward the center line.
2) Do this step for both sides of the aircraft.
3) Ensure the point is crisp and sharp.

Step 4: The Engineering of the Point

Picture of The Engineering of the Point
waseem 013.jpg
Fold the point of the aircraft towards the rear so that the front of the aircraft is now blunt.

Step 5: The Body of the Plane

Picture of The Body of the Plane
Refold the aircraft into the original hot-dog-fold to ensure that the newly formed front of the aircraft maintains the fold's crispness.

Step 6: The New Point

Picture of The New Point
waseem 016.jpg
waseem 017.jpg
waseem 018.jpg
1) Reopen the aircraft from the hot-dog-fold.
2) Mark a black line in the center approximately one inch from the front of the aircraft.
3) Refold the point of the aircraft from that line back into a sharp point now portruding from the blunt fold.

Step 7: The Coming Wings

Picture of The Coming Wings
waseem 020.jpg
waseem 021.jpg
waseem 022.jpg
1) Refold the aircraft back into the hot-dog-fold.
2) Mark a black line at the top of the point of the aircraft.
3) Mark another black line at the top rear of the aircraft about one inch from the back.

Step 8: The Wing Structure I

Picture of The Wing Structure I
waseem 024.jpg
1) Connect the two points with a black line running diagonally across the aircraft's main frame.
2) Fold this half of the aircraft along that line; this fold creates part of the first wing. 

Step 9: The Wing Structure II

Picture of The Wing Structure II
waseem 026.jpg
waseem 027.jpg
waseem 028.jpg
1) Flip the aircraft over to the other side.
2) Repeat the process to create part of the second wing.  

Step 10: The Compression

Picture of The Compression
waseem 030.jpg
Using a book or flat object, firmly press the various components and folds of the aircraft.