How to Make a Street Light on Minecraft PE





Introduction: How to Make a Street Light on Minecraft PE

Step 1: How to Make a Light

First get about 35 blocks of any thing

Step 2: Stack Them Up

Get your blocks and stack them up like I did in this photo

Step 3: Put Them in Place

Then put the blocks around and put them where it is one layer 3x3

Step 4: Put Them Palaces

Then on each corner stack them up two blocks then make sure the top two block at every corner connect and put the torch in the middle of the blocks

Step 5: Last Step

Put a block in the middle of the blocks on the sides and then stack up one more block then you have it a minecraft street light



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    Aweith I like it.

    If you were just talking about somebody else thing I am o.k

    It does not look like that I did not use fences. But it is not my best creation

    13, 8:41 PM.jpg13, 8:41 PM.jpg

    It should look something like this

    13, 12:27 PM.jpg

    Please somebody comment

    This is my first creation