Step 7: Starting your first Cobra braid

• In the diagram we are working with the inside of the bracelet facing us.  (The inside is the side that is against your wrist when you’re wearing it.)
• The “Middle Color”, like shown in the diagram, is different on the inside of the bracelet then it is on the outside of the bracelet.
• In this example we have our “gun metal grey” as the “middle color” on the inside of the bracelet, and the “blue” is the “middle color” on the outside of the bracelet. (The part that everyone sees!!!)
• On the bottom of the diagram there’s an example of the inside of the bracelet we are making in the diagram.

1. In part one of the diagram, we take the blue cord and put it under the bracelet cords. This means that the outside “middle color” is going to be “blue”, like stated above.  If you want the outside “middle color” to be “gun metal grey”, then you would begin by putting the “gun metal grey” cord under the bracelet cords.
2. In part 2 take the second cord and go under the first cord and over the bracelet cords.
3. In part 3 of the diagram, take the second cord and pull it through the loop that was created in part one of the diagram.
4. In the 4th and final part of the diagram, simply tighten the braid up to the buckle.

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