Toddlers love to watch videos over and over again. My grandson is about 18 months old, and he loves vacuums, so i made him a video about them. I simply modified a kids song, to be about vacuums and recorded my voice singing it. I made a set of power point slides to go with the song and combined them in Windows movie maker.

Here is the result:

I usually make video instructables. This one is uses exactly the same steps as my Tribute Video instructable, so I am just giving a quick summary of the steps, below. Please watch this "How To Make a Video Tribute" video for a better detailed description.

Step 1: Create Slides in Power Point

Create roughly one slide for every 2 seconds of your song.

Step 2: Save As PNGs

Save out all your slides as PNG files

Step 3: Combine You Slides and Song in Movie Maker

Drop all your PNG files is movie maker, and bring in your song with the add music button.

Step 4: Set the Duration for Each Slide in the Video

Set how long each slide will display in the song, before moving on to the next slide.

Step 5: Save Your Movie

Save your movie with the "recommended for this project" option, and you are done.

<p>Great guide! I love that the video is all about vacuum love. Kids are so funny! </p><p>My youngest would watch a looped video showing the garbage truck coming and picking up our trash for HOURS if I made him one... hmm.</p>
Gary the big ole garbage truck<br>Hand a very peculiar smell. <br><br>And if you ever wiffed it, <br>you would not like it well <br><br>All of the other big trucks<br>Used to laugh and call him names<br><br>They never let poor Gary<br>Play in any big truck games<br><br>Then one messy Christmas eve<br>Santa came to say<br><br>Gary with your special skills<br>Please help me clean these piles and spills. <br><br>...<br><br>:)<br>
<p>Lou, your singing skills are weak. Even so I could not turn my eyes away from the vacuum video. It was hypnotizing. Lol. The vollyball...By the way I love your videos. I made a website after seeing the google site one. I have windows 8. I didn't even realize I had the movie maker program but I searched for it and there it was. Thanks!</p>
True that!! I suck at singing :). I made this video before Christmas, and it's the first thing he wants to see every time he comes to my house. i uploaded it as unlisted, and had not intended to make it public, but it was too hard to find on my cell phone, so I finally gave up and published it :-). Maybe there will be some other vacuum aficionados out there :-)

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