Guitar picks were originally made from tortoise/turtle shells, bone and wood. Most classical guitarists ditch picks all together and just use the pads of their fingers and/or their nails. Most picks nowadays are made of rubber, plastic and metal. Wooden picks have a softer, and warmer  sound (in my opinion) and the satisfaction of making something yourself can help cheer you up if you're in a sour mood.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

For this instructable you will need the following:

~Wood. It doesn't matter what kind you use, but hard woods will work better and try to stay away from particle board. I used a dollar store bamboo cutting board.
~A dremel tool or (this is what i used) an electric drill.
~Grinding, cutting, and sanding wheels for the tool you are using.
~A guitar pick or a drawing for a template.
~A saw


~Sand paper
~Wood files
~Drill bits
~Coping saw/scroll saw

Step 2: Cutting, Tracing, and More Cutting

Cut a piece of wood about 4 cm (inch and a half) wide and the length doesn't matter too much, but it has to be manageable.

Next, trace a pick or draw a shape onto the wood.

Then, cut away parts of  the wood around the pick

Step 4: Final Sanding

After you cut the pick free then give the whole thing a good sanding so you don't get any splinters while playing.
opiewan3 years ago
somehow I just never thought of wood or bamboo for guitar pick. I have to try this,good job