Picture of How To Make a Wooden Guitar Pick
Guitar picks were originally made from tortoise/turtle shells, bone and wood. Most classical guitarists ditch picks all together and just use the pads of their fingers and/or their nails. Most picks nowadays are made of rubber, plastic and metal. Wooden picks have a softer, and warmer  sound (in my opinion) and the satisfaction of making something yourself can help cheer you up if you're in a sour mood.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
For this instructable you will need the following:

~Wood. It doesn't matter what kind you use, but hard woods will work better and try to stay away from particle board. I used a dollar store bamboo cutting board.
~A dremel tool or (this is what i used) an electric drill.
~Grinding, cutting, and sanding wheels for the tool you are using.
~A guitar pick or a drawing for a template.
~A saw


~Sand paper
~Wood files
~Drill bits
~Coping saw/scroll saw

Step 2: Cutting, Tracing, and More Cutting

Picture of Cutting, Tracing, and More Cutting
Cut a piece of wood about 4 cm (inch and a half) wide and the length doesn't matter too much, but it has to be manageable.

Next, trace a pick or draw a shape onto the wood.

Then, cut away parts of  the wood around the pick

Step 3: Just keep truckin'

Picture of Just keep truckin'
Continue grinding/ cutting at the wood until you have the desired shape. Work around the pick and cut it off of the main piece of wood at the widest portion last. (did that make sense?). Before cutting the pick off, taper the sides and put a small indentation in the middle where your thumb and fingers rest. 

Step 4: Final Sanding

After you cut the pick free then give the whole thing a good sanding so you don't get any splinters while playing.
opiewan4 years ago
somehow I just never thought of wood or bamboo for guitar pick. I have to try this,good job