Step 7: Hooking The Speaker Up To Play Music

Picture of Hooking The Speaker Up To Play Music
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This step is optional, depending on what you are hooking your tiki speaker up to. One option is to route your speaker wire to a connection for patio speakers that you may already have, which is pretty straight forward. Another option is to create a stand-alone boom box set up, which is what I did here for the sake of showing you guys. If you have the right amplifier, you should be able to play music from any device that has a 3.5mm headphone jack, such as an ipod or other mp3 player.

1) Take the jack cable (the one with the audio jack attached to it. the small section of black cable in the pictures) and strip it apart to expose the positive and negative wires. Some cables have the two wires side by side like the speaker wire attached to the tiki, but most cables have one wire in the center surrounded by a nylon shield, with the other copper wire braided around it. If the latter is your case, simply unbraid the copper wire on the outside. Twist the outside section to create one lead, and twist the inside section to create another lead.

2) Now take one lead from the plug cable and twist it together with one lead from your tiki speaker cable. Do the same with the remaining leads. Now take your two wire nuts and screw them onto the two leads. You've just connected your speaker wire and plug, and are now ready to plug it into your amplifier.

3) Connect your plug into an output jack on your amplifier, turn it on, plug an auxiliary cable into the AUX jack on your amplifier, and your tiki will now play music!! Congratulations!

As stated in the intro, this amplifier should actually be housed in some sort of weatherproof box, but making the box is a project of its own and deserves its own instructable. If you subscribe to me, I will notify you when I make the amplifier housing, and update this instructable too. I hope this tutorial was helpful. Happy tinkering!

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That are some of the coolest patio speakers I have ever seen. I want one, but I kind of also want to make my own unique one as well.
Dude love the Tiki! I will defineately try this. Last year we had a row of Snow Tiki's, when we got record snows in Virginia One question though did you put wire mesh over Tiki's facial features it was a little hard to tell in your pictures?
I believe there was only the drywall mesh on the features, since chicken wire would be hard to bend around such small features.
boddidley5 years ago
Looks cool in the picture, must put this on the list.........
steve19115 years ago
Awesome idea, brilliant execution!