Picture of How To: Custom doll/toy out of Art Manequin.
Nothing special.. but it is what it is.
I make these lil dudes for stopmotion animating. (very useful)

You could make them for your kids or grandkids as little dress up dolls or things kids like to play with.
Its a heck of a lot cheaper than buying Barbies every so often.

Or... you could use them for what they actually are, you know, get them all dressed up, then draw them.. i suppose it could help teach shadows in clothing and how clothes fit on the body.

Everything is up to you.

The wooden Art Manequins are about $6 at Wal-Mart. You can get them at Michaels too, or most other craft stores.
Like i said... beats the $30 Barbie dolls if you're planning on having your granddaughter over or trying to entertain your own.
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Step 1: Materials

This is just a basic list of the stuff you could use to do this type of project.

1 wooden art manequin.
All Purpose Tacky glue
Acrylic paints
Various Fabrics
Metal fastening loops
a Sharpie
AirDry Clay
metal wire
knitting string

Step 2: Remove the stand

Picture of Remove the stand
Okay so these little guys come on stands so that artists can pose them in many embarassing poses and never let them live it down.
We can't have that.

What youre going to wanna do is grab it by the metal rod, not by the base, and pull. If it doesnt move at all try wiggling it a bit and eventually it should slip out of the manequins rear end.
Now your manequin is all free spirited and ready to venture the world.

Note: pulling by the base is bad because you could end up pulling the rod out of the base, then it would get stuck in the manequin and the base would be all wobbly later on.
mamadoll8 months ago

These are awesome! Thanks for sharing. You put a lot of detail into them, and I really like that they have so much personality.

TimTheScarecrow (author)  mamadoll8 months ago

I thank you kindly

Cool will do
foobear3 years ago
these are cool, love the hair
TimTheScarecrow (author)  foobear3 years ago
thank you