You can make this pen gun pretty much anywhere you want in no time ! you can even make one in class when you're at school and shoot your friends with ''ammo" that is not dangerous.

Max distance with great accuracy: 2 ft
Max distance: 20 ft
Length: 14 cm ( 5.5 " )

For media requests, email valvexftw@gmail.com

★ If you have a weapon, how to idea or a new invention you want me to make you can send me a email or private message of what you want me to do, i'll make it and a video of it ! ★
<p>Really cool! I know it's been 3 years since you posted this, so I don't have high hopes that you'll answer, but where could I get a pack of BIC Atlantis pens for a cheap amount of money? I c</p>

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Bio: I Make all Kinds of tutorials, i also make weapon videos, and show you guys some creative inventions and show you how to make it ... More »
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