How to Make an Advanced Woodwork Slingshot





Introduction: How to Make an Advanced Woodwork Slingshot

hello everyone
in this tutorial i am showing you all how to make an advanced woodworking slingshot with a metal core.

My Rambone Slingshot Tutorial Playlist:

Rambone slingshot blueprints:

Bands Tutorial:

i hold no responsibility for any damage or injury caused if you try to re create this weapon.
if you do make this weapon be safe and always wear glasses when using it.
always use this weapon in a safe and controlled environment where no one is in danger because of your actions!
don't be an idiot!

This is a video is promoted by a collaboration with theartofweapons and MyGunfreak`s Channel. Both channels persue the same goal and basically build similar things. If you whant to see more on the topic of the video please visit the two channels:

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    9 Discussions

    WoW ! how old are you if i may ask ? im 26, and involved in making long Bows so i know it can take a delicate touch and skill to do these kind of things. sir I am impressed great work and for using mostly hand tools you must have invested alot of time into the overall project. did you start woodworking on your own or where you taught by someone. very impressive keep it.

    This is one of the best video instructables I have seen. All the more impressive since you sound so young.

    1 reply

    I must make something of the sort. Very thorough instructable. I really enjoyed it.

    It's beautiful! Fantastic video too; every step of the process is very clear yet it sprints along at the perfect pace.

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