How to Make an Apple Masher and Cider Press





Introduction: How to Make an Apple Masher and Cider Press

A hand-powered apple grinder/masher and cider press can easily cost you over $700. Build this motorized grinder and press for under $75, with a ceiling fan motor and a few plastic buckets.

This project is not difficult, but is very detailed. The details are in the video, but here is a short summary:

The grinder is made by forming two 6-inch PVC end caps into a drum and studding it with stailless steel screws. This is attached to and driven by a fan motor. The press container is made with 5 buckets, one inside the other, for extra strength, and drilled with 100 holes to let out the cider. A threaded rod is used to press a wooden plunger to squeeze the apples.



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    That's fantastic! Now all I need is a taller ladder.

    Excellent job. I'll be following these instructions once my apple trees start producing.

    I am surprised that a ceiling fan motor can be used. I didn't thing they would have enough torque to keep spinning when the apples were in the hopper.

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    It really works well if you throw in one apple at a time. If you pile apples in, it will get stuck. It gives you just enough time to check each apple for bad spots and worms. I made 6 gallons this year and will make more next year. It works really well for pear cider too.

    Cool. I planted several different types of apples. I fully intend to make hard cider out of most of them.