How To: Make an Awesome Masterpiece in Animal Jam!




Introduction: How To: Make an Awesome Masterpiece in Animal Jam!

Animal jam is a virtual world about animals. You can buy animals with gems or diamonds and customize them with clothes you buy in virtual stores! I never really "play" Animal Jam, I just like making Masterpieces! Today I'm going to show you how to make "Spike-Worthy" masterpiece!

Step 1: Know What You Are Going to Draw

First off you want to know what you are going to draw. I like drawing islands or famous AJ characters! Once you've made up your mind about what you are going to draw, go to the next step! As you can see, these are both masterpieces I have made! Fan art and an Island!

Step 2: Drawing

Now, for drawing I'm usually TERRIBLE when I draw on my computer with my mouse. My lines are shaky and I literally have 0 control. So I thought of an alternative EASY way to make amazing masterpieces! All you need is a device such as an Ipad or a Phone! Now download Puffin. It is on the app store and the play store on Android. It is free and you can actually play the computer version of Animal Jam on your phone or tablet! I personally use a Galaxy Note 5, because it has a very tiny stylus. It is not a bulky "Squishy" black stylus. It is literally a little "stick-like" stylus! I absolutely love it and I created the Masterpieces you saw last step with that device! If you don't have a phone with a fancy stylus like that, don't buy an expensive thin stylus! Use your finger, it's just as good!

Step 3: Finish Your Masterpiece!

Next you use your stylus and create your beautiful Masterpiece! Thank you for reading!



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