How to Make an Awesome Cat Toy




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Introduction: How to Make an Awesome Cat Toy

A simple cheap toy that my cats go mad over.

Step 1: Materials

A stanley knife
A tennis ball
Catnip or cat mint

Step 2: Kill the Ball...

Slash holes in the ball like in the picture. Make one slit with the knife then cut across then up with the scissors, or just do it all with the knife.

Step 3: Stuffing

Stuff the ball full of catnip / catmint and rub some on the outside.
(i got mine from my garden)

Step 4: Test Drive

Here are some pictures of my cat destroying it.



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    It's good to see that kitty didn't turn it's nose up and ignore this (as they tend to do) - you must have done well! L

    3 replies

    thanks, my cats are especially crazy when it comes to catnip

    my kats dont even like catnip whenever we buy it and give it to them they dont even mind

    Some humans may be a bit puzzled when I turn my nose up at this marvellous invention. This is because a low percentage of us cats lack the gene to smell catnip. A bit like some humans are lacking the colour gene to see full colour on the X chromosome. Meeeooooow...

    if u make some holes it can get its claw in and rip :D

    Dont jam it all the way, you can stab a few small hole is the bottle

    1 reply

    the cat can't really sink its claws into a bottle though

    Get a bottle, put some cat food or treats in it, jam the top with a cork or something.

    1 reply

    how would the cat smell the treats inside? and how would it get it out?

    This is a great idea! I'm going to try it today! Stay tuned....

    my cat also thinks its a dog, but it doesnt seem to be a problem

     I have had to replace it now as that cat has totally destroyed the first one!

    kitty went all spazzy i think he liked it