How-To screen print a t-shirt - Making your stencil

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Welcome to EZScreenPrint® "Do it Yourself" Personal Screen Printing
The fun easy way to create custom silk screen stencils that you can print at home or office!

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Step 1:

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Create and print your artwork. Use an ink jet or laser printer set on best print and/or heavy ink. For best quality use transparency film.  
Center artwork on the clear part of the exposure frame

Step 2:

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Peel clear protective backing from EZScreenPrint Stencil. Discard clean backing.

Step 3:

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Place EZScreenPrint Stencil on artwork, shinny side down.

Step 4:

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Add black felt board.

Step 5:

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Add Clips. Clear board, black felt board and clips are included in all starter kits.

Step 6:

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Turnover and place a black Foamie on exposure unit. A piece of cardboard or towel will work too. Keep the exposure unit covered until ready to expose.

Step 7:

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Expose to direct sunlight for 1 minute (+/- 10 seconds) with transparency film .
Temperature does not matter; however, summer months may take less time to expose than winter months. Exposure time may vary per location, time of day, etc.

Step 8:

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Soak in tap water for a minimum of 15 minutes. A ghost image will appear.

Step 9:

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Use a plastic canvas to support the EZScreenPrint stencil during rinsing. Rinse with cold or lukewarm tap water. A kitchen sprayer works great. If needed use a soft brush to remove excess residue. Be sure all the emulsion residue is completely rinsed off, otherwise the ink will not go through the silkscreen.

Step 10:

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Harden & dry in sunlight. This process makes the stencil durable and last longer.    

If it's windy place weights on the stencil like these tiles from a hardware store. Rotate the tiles so the stencil hardens evenly.

Step 11:

Ready to use!