How To Make an Easy Easter Basket Cake

video How To Make an Easy Easter Basket Cake
This is such a fun cake to make and it will definitely impress your friends. They don't know have to know that it only took you about 30 minutes to make (***after baking). Let me know that if you made it and tag me in your photos on instagram using @jacstjohn & #thevegetarianbaker

2- 6 Inch Cakes, Cut in Half
1 Recipe of My Swiss Buttercream: goo.gl/c8942g
2-3 Bags of Easter Candy
2- 13.5 Pirouette Cookies
Assorted Colored Ribbons
wilgubeast1 year ago

Now THAT'S how you drive traffic to a video series without alienating the Instructables audience. Nice work, thevegetarianbaker. Also, this looks amazing.

thevegetarianbaker (author)  wilgubeast1 year ago

thanks. I try to feature my work to anybody or audience that may enjoy it :D

fixfireleo1 year ago

ok, i eat meat so i'm not completely knowledgeable about what is "vegetarian" but the cookies contain milk and eggs. wouldnt that mean they arent vegetarian?

vegetarian means you DON'T eat any meat products basically anything that is an animal. Vegan is someone who can't eat anything that is or is from a animal (like milk). This recipe isn't great for vegans.
patsheldon1 year ago

Will you please make one for me?? =3

thevegetarianbaker (author)  patsheldon1 year ago

But it is so easy to make. you can make this yourself. I promise :D