How to Make an Easy Easter Basket Cake




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Introduction: How to Make an Easy Easter Basket Cake

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This is such a fun cake to make and it will definitely impress your friends. They don't know have to know that it only took you about 30 minutes to make (***after baking). Let me know that if you made it and tag me in your photos on instagram using @jacstjohn & #thevegetarianbaker

2- 6 Inch Cakes, Cut in Half
1 Recipe of My Swiss Buttercream:
2-3 Bags of Easter Candy
2- 13.5 Pirouette Cookies
Assorted Colored Ribbons



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    Now THAT'S how you drive traffic to a video series without alienating the Instructables audience. Nice work, thevegetarianbaker. Also, this looks amazing.

    1 reply

    thanks. I try to feature my work to anybody or audience that may enjoy it :D

    ok, i eat meat so i'm not completely knowledgeable about what is "vegetarian" but the cookies contain milk and eggs. wouldnt that mean they arent vegetarian?

    1 reply

    vegetarian means you DON'T eat any meat products basically anything that is an animal. Vegan is someone who can't eat anything that is or is from a animal (like milk). This recipe isn't great for vegans.

    But it is so easy to make. you can make this yourself. I promise :D