How To: Make an Folder or Icon That Looks Like It Isn't There(NOT a HIDDEN FILE)





Introduction: How To: Make an Folder or Icon That Looks Like It Isn't There(NOT a HIDDEN FILE)

This Instructable shows you how to make an folder or icon that you can't see.
This is not just taking a section from your background.

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Step 1: Create the Folder

Create a new folder (See Pictures)
Rename it Alt + 0160 but make sure to hold down the Alt key when typing 0160 on the number pad,
This is the computer code for space, just typing in space will not work.

Step 2: Create the Icon

You can download the icon below this just how to make it.
To create the icon open up The GIMP. It can be downloaded HERE.
Now open up the layers dialog (Follow the pictures)
Delete the background layer.
Save as .ico.
Now the icon is made! You con exit Gimp.

Step 3: Set the Folders or Shortcut's Icon

Right Click on the folder or shortcut. (See Pictures)
Select Propteries.
Click on the customize tab.
click the Change icon button.
Click Browse.
Go to My Pictures.
click on the Transpanent icon.
click open.
press Ok on the propteries dialog.
the folder or shortcut is made is made.

Step 4: You're Done!!!!!!!!

Now you have a Folder or Shortcut that only you know about!!
Just don't forget where it is. ;-)



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Questions & Answers


If you forgot where did you put it you can select all the desktop than you see it

 there's such a thing as digital camouflage 

Yep, and I'd like to offer one* digital trip-wire to detect the camouflaged:

click in empty space in a corner and slide it all the way across the screen and the blank name-space be highlighted revealing the folder.

*also I tried CD-ing to the desktop folder using DOS, I could see a folder with no name, and without a name I could not access it that way, only detect it.

You must realize that when posts are over a year old, the guy would have figured it out by then. Actually, it kinda depends on the guy you're talking to. In this case, 1 1/2 years is enough for me to understand that using True Crypt is way better by 512 bits, as well as a load of other tricks up my drive.

i dont know if everyone else is the same but when i click change icon, there are some blank spaces on the icon list, but if you actually use a blank one its totally transparent,
and for some reason i cant put an empty caption on folders but i can on shortcut files.


Hey if you lose the file you can click any where you think it might be and drag creating a field that selects all files in it! And no i didn't lose mine.

Nice instructibles. i always want to make a shortcut, so when i double click it it looks like i double click a picture in the background. but the only problem is i cant use space alone as the name, so i use comma instead. now i know how to make space as recognizeable filename. thanks

Hey this may sound stupid but how can i get a screen shot of my desktop?