How To: Make an Folder or Icon that looks like it isn't there(NOT A HIDDEN FILE)

Picture of How To: Make an Folder or Icon that looks like it isn't there(NOT A HIDDEN FILE)
This Instructable shows you how to make an folder or icon that you can't see.
This is not just taking a section from your background.

If You Have Any Questions, Comments & Suggestions Please Post Them!
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Step 1: Create the Folder

Picture of Create the Folder
rename (Medium).bmp
After rename (Medium).bmp
Create a new folder (See Pictures)
Rename it Alt + 0160 but make sure to hold down the Alt key when typing 0160 on the number pad,
This is the computer code for space, just typing in space will not work.

Step 2: Create the icon

You can download the icon below this just how to make it.
To create the icon open up The GIMP. It can be downloaded HERE.
Now open up the layers dialog (Follow the pictures)
Delete the background layer.
Save as .ico.
Now the icon is made! You con exit Gimp.
The Icon.ico326 bytes

Step 3: Set the folders or shortcut's icon

Picture of Set the folders or shortcut's icon
costmize (Medium).bmp
browse (Medium).bmp
icon open (Medium).bmp
it's gone (Medium).bmp
Right Click on the folder or shortcut. (See Pictures)
Select Propteries.
Click on the customize tab.
click the Change icon button.
Click Browse.
Go to My Pictures.
click on the Transpanent icon.
click open.
press Ok on the propteries dialog.
the folder or shortcut is made is made.

Step 4: You're Done!!!!!!!!

Picture of You're Done!!!!!!!!
Now you have a Folder or Shortcut that only you know about!!
Just don't forget where it is. ;-)
boilermaker7 years ago
Great instructable. This is probably a really dumb question, but how do I download the icon.ico file?
computergeek (author)  boilermaker7 years ago
You right click and go save as. When you go to make it as your icon go file of types and select all files. I didn't realize that it didn't automatically download it. good question.