Step 5: Glue the PCB and Connect the battery!

Picture of Glue the PCB and Connect the battery!
Once all the LEDs are soldered,  Glue the soldered PCB (with the LEDs facing away from the loupe) to the lens side of the loupe using instant glue. Take precaution to alighn the PCB carefully. Now, connect the battery to the PCB copper bands. Observe the polarity while soldering the battery to the PCB.

I did not use a switch to turn the LEDs off and honestly it was an oversight. You could place an On/Off switch in series to turn the LEDs off, I just remove a battery from the battery holder to turn it off.

How does the illuminated LED eye loupe fare?

Check it out yourself in the next slide!

Ps2playa5 years ago
kinda looks like the arc reactor in Iron Man