Step 3: Background: How a Fig Rig Stabilizer Works

In a Fig Rig system the camera is mounted on a platform at the center of an 18.7 inch (475mm) circle of tubing. The hand grips are located on the right and left side of the rig in line with the camera. By having the hand grips further away from the camera, the Fig Rig is able to dramatically reduce camera shake that is caused by random hand movements. It is also a much more comfortable method of supporting the camera. This reduces fatigue on the operator.

A typical point and shoot camera is about 4-5 inches wide. So widening the base to 18 inches can reduce the effects of random movements of a hand by as much as 75%. (A 1/4 inch vertical movement on a 4 inch base produces an angle of 3.58 deg. A 1/4 inch vertical movement on an 18 inch base produces an angle of only 0.80 deg.)
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