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Introduction: How to Make an Instructable

In this instructable, I'm going to tell you how to make an Instructable. (Needless to say) this is my first instructable and apart from helping me learn how to do it, hopefully it will convince all you others who view but don't make that it's actually as easy as it seems.

Step 1: The Plunge

Ok, so you're familiar enough with instructables to have found this so you're ready to take the plunge. First step is to become a member and then click "Create New Instructable". From there you are guided (very clearly, I might add) through the process of typing and adding content in the "Intro" and different "Step" sections. You are free, at this point to add pictures, videos and/or links to taste. As you can (hopefully) see below, I have added a picture.

Step 2: Preview

After making a step or two, you can take a minute to check your work in the preview section. From there you're free to edit the content further (or do anything else you want).

Step 3: Wasn't That Easy?

Congratulations, thats all there is to it! Making an Instructable really is that easy! I wish I had more steps to add (or a video or something) but I guess it's really not necessary. I'm pretty sure you can edit your Instructable later so theres should be no worries anyways.

Oh and here's a link just so I can try that too,
This is a YouTube video titled "Two Minutes With"

Anyways, it's easy and fun so you should become a member and start spreading the knowledge!




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    How do you put pictures on the steps and do you need a specified size to put them on or does it do it automatically.

    thanks soooo much!!! im not that great with computers:)

    Thanks for the help :)

    2 questions 1 do you know those yellow boxes well how do you get them? 2 how do you get these?

    2 replies

    You get yellow boxes by clicking on the picture and drawing a box.

    there is already an instructable on how to make one by the staff i'm sorry but new users are better off reading that than this.

    peace -gamer