Step 3: Attach the Arduino to the Chassis

Picture of Attach the Arduino to the Chassis
To attach the brains of the robot, you're gonna need the four panhead screws, spacers, and nylon washers. Make a sandwich like in the picture, with this order from top to bottom: screw head, washer, Arduino board, standoff. Attach the standoffs on the two mounting holes on the right side of the Arduino (the side opposite the USB connector and barrel jack). 

Once you have the standoffs firmly attached to your Arduino, line up the bottom one with the bottom of the backmost mounting strip (um... just look at the picture). Attach that into place, then line up the front standoff with the next mounting strip, and screw that in place. Yippee, you're done! 

Note: There's a zip-tie in the picture because I did step 4 before this one... then realized that it's easier to do this step first.