How to Make an Old Sock Into Something Outrageous

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Introduction: How to Make an Old Sock Into Something Outrageous

Materials -old long sock -stuffing -markers

Step 1: Finding the Sock

Find an old sock (probably one of your dads old ones)

Step 2: The Stuffing

Stuff the sock until the sock has 8 inches left on The sock

Step 3: Tying

Tie the sock and fold over the top of the sock over the knot so the knot is in not noticeable making that the hat

Step 4: The Coloring

Next comes the coloring your gonna color the hat and draw a face on the sock



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    Omg, is so adorbs, I luv it!!!! ;)

    Socks.. They represent freedom and prosperity.. Genuinely beautiful items that you have made Pravo

    Wow! A sock man! Im gonna make one with a purple sock!

    Your not allowed to think I'm awesome and creative?;(

    And your sock man is adorable!!! ;)

    Aqua 12-
    I would follow you if I was allowed I think you are awesome and creative. And pretty too ;)
    - amonj02

    Hope u enjoy making them follow me!!