How to Make an Optical Ilusion (Impossible Object)





Introduction: How to Make an Optical Ilusion (Impossible Object)

A cool drawing of an optical illusoin that will amaze your friends, or if you just want to mess around.

Step 1: Materials

Nothing much at all

Pen or sharpie


Step 2: Step One

Draw Six even lines on a piece of paper with sharpie or pen.

Step 3: Step 2

Make a design on the top of every two lines, in this case, I used a Triangle

Step 4: Step 3

Connect the last object with one line on each of the last object to the forth and fifth lines.

Step 5: Final Step

Draw a line from the fourth line to the edge of the line below it with a curve, the make it look like it is one line by drawing a line to the edge of the line below it from the first line.

And Boom, there you have it



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    what ever, i just thought it looked cool, i didn't want to go all fancy with it

    ya but i just forgot to use it, but it would be better with one

    Also the point of this illusion is to make the thing look like a 3-dimensional object, the "design on the top of every two lines" should be the end surfaces, they're not a personal style thing. (You could have another go at it?) L


    Boom! Have you got a ruler? L