Make an outdoor fountain from a flower pot.

Step 1:

pics are only pics, they don't open any video?
The second picture Is a video. The new instructables posting tool makes projects that are only readable in more modern browsers. You may have upgrade. Here also is the direct link;:<br><br>http://youtu.be/MBaPGGUDCSA<br><br>Lou
<p>I tried this, not logged in as me, and it also worked fine. Click right in the center of the Step 1 picture, and it should start playing. If not, try another browser of have a friend try it. It seems to work fine, here.</p>
Interesting. It plays fine for me, just like all my other Instructables. They have this &quot;new improved interface &quot;that may be messing things up. I will look into it. Meantime, here's the video URL<br><br>http://youtu.be/MBaPGGUDCSA
<p>The second &quot;pic&quot; is a 4.5 minute Video! :-)</p>

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