How to Make Someone Believe You Can Crack Your Nose!


Introduction: How to Make Someone Believe You Can Crack Your Nose!

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This is a fun and extremely simple way to get someone to believe you can crack your nose!

Step 1:

cover your nose with your two hands. Have your index fingers sitting on the bridge of you nose.
Secretly place on of your thumbs under your top front teeth.

Step 2:

Now it is time to stun your audience.
With your thumb still under your front top teeth, slide it back and forth to create a cracking sort of noise. While doing this make a face that will convince the audience that this may be a bit painful!



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    33 Discussions

    Ha ha everyone fails for it

    Wow this thing really works I played it on my big sis and she freaked and fell down the stairs but she's ok..... So I played it on my teacher during terra nova and I did it during the test and she freaked to

    Thanks for the trick, my sister is totally shocked!

    Are you entering the prank contest this week? You should! Very funny.

    I know... It was my first so you can't expect anything. This trick is actually quite convincing when you do it right.

    4 replies

    Maui, my beloved agouti gerbil, of course! Agouti is a brown color with black or dark ticking.

    :D Yep! People can get pretty hysterical at the notion of, " He/she can crack their nose!!!!!"

    Good trick! I'd forgotten about this one- we used to do it many years ago. I'm glad it's still around- thanks for sharing :)

    1 reply