How to Make "the Hammer"





Introduction: How to Make "the Hammer"

The hammer is a modified pistol that will shoot a nerf bullet up to 150 feet depending on witch bullet you use

Step 1: The Gun

For the pistol you will need to buy a jt splat master pistol usually in blue it will cost about 25$

Step 2: Modifying the Gun

You will need to knock the slide cover at the back off next pull off the blue slide it will look like intro pic now you need to remove the spring

Step 3: Shooting the Gun

To shoot put a nerf bullet down the barrel it doesn't matter witch kind they all work now cock it back slam it down and fire wether you leave the mag in or not is up to you

Step 4: Safety

This gun shoots so hard it may knock somebody over in close range so be very carefully

Step 5: Bonus

You can glue fins on the bullets for a rocket launcher



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    Cool! Where do you get the Splat Master pistol?

    Nice gun. Add a simple stock and long barrel (provided it will not cause too much friction) and you will have one beast of a sniper rifle.

    please comment i need ideas for future guns

    it can be found at most outdoor stores and walmarts

    hey if anybody can mod this further please tell me