How to Make the Most of Any Mascara





Introduction: How to Make the Most of Any Mascara

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There are tons of mascaras out there on the market. There seems to be one for everything. Some people say that it's all in the brush and wand; some say it's the formula. Well I firmly believe that it's a combination of both INCLUDING application. I'm going to show you how I put on mascara to make sure my eyes pop.

I'm not a fan of curling my lashes. Mostly because I'm paranoid my lashes will break off and that I'll pinch my eyelid. This technique has helped me give the illusion that I've curled my lashes and I absolutely love it. Let's begin!

Step 1: Work on the Base

Place your mascara wand at the base of the lash line and wiggle it left and right. Try not to touch of the tips of the lashes just yet. So focus on the lash line for now. By doing so, you'll add some density to the lash line giving the illusion of more lashes - which is a plus, right? Right. Continue this along the whole of the lash line.

Step 2: Work on the Ends

After dipping the wand for fresh mascara, work on the ends by placing the wand in the middle of the lash and brush straight up through the ends of the lashes. This will give the lashes length.

And it's that simple.

Step 3: Comparisons

I've taken a few of the mascaras that I have in my arsenal and decided to do a comparison. The eyes on the left in the photos were done with 2 coats - the mascara wand went up the lashes from the lash line straight up with out any wiggling. The eyes on the right are the lashes with wiggling. See if you can notice the difference!



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    IMHO The Buxom looks way better than the Maybelline! I personally don't like Maybelline mascara, Loreal (Voluminous Million lashes) is a way better product and for like $3 more I don't have problems. Also in looking at your lashes with the Maybelline they look clumpy at the root. I have had the opportunity to purchase Latisse, which make your lashes grow and now 1 coat of mascara works like 3 use to! Amazing how my lashes grew! P.S. Smell the mascara, if it smells I don't use it because I it bothers my eyes.

    I use LashBlast by Covergirl (Both Waterproof and non waterproof.. I do not use both at once. It is based on my mood that day LOL). My lashes get longer with this mascara.. I kept a a brush(bristle) from an old mascara and cleaned it. When I put on my mascara with covergirl I follow with the old brush and brush then out to make them longer and not to gunky.. Works great for me.. Patience is the key....

    Wow, I literally think that I'm the only one that thinks that this is too much. Whenever I see someone with mascara on I go "If the coverage was a biiit lighter I would like it". I guess every one has its own taste.

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    I totally agree

    Very big difference! I love how you show the comparison for all the mascaras... I've never had the patience to compare. But it sure does work!

    Very big difference! I love how you show the comparison for all the mascaras... I've never had the patience to compare. But it sure does work!

    Great project!