Picture of How To Manually Merge Gmail Account With Apple Mail 2.0-3.x
This tutorial will instruct those with basic computer skills how to merge their Gmail account into Apple Mail 2.0-3.x in 10-15 minutes.

-an Apple computer with Apple Mail 2.0-3.x
-an Internet connection.
-an existing Gmail account.


            -The mail icon will be on your desktop. This looks like a postage stamp with an eagle on it.
            -If you cannot find Apple Mail, search for the application using the magnifying glass on the top right corner.

2. Click MAIL on top left of the computer screen.
            -A drop down menu will appear.

3. Select ABOUT MAIL from the drop down menu.

4. A pop up screen should come up stating what version of Apple Mail you have.

5. If you have Apple Mail 2.0 or any Apple Mail 3.X , then you can manually follow this tutorial.

6. Exit out of all windows.

Step 1:

Open your desired your Internet Browser (Safari, FireFox, Google Chrome, etc).
blogging3133 years ago
Great instructions! These direcctions were not too wordy and I did not have a hard time following them. The bolding, italicizing, and capitalizing of the words was also very helpful.

bmg33 years ago
Having a mac computer, I have always been interested in accessing this account but I have never gone through with it and it is nice to finally get clarification on how to use it. The pictures were very easy to follow
Engl313UA3 years ago
This is something extremely useful that most people need to know to be able to check their emails on a more regular basis. The instructions themselves were worded just fine, but the main problem here is having 32 steps. It's just way too many for something like this, which really shouldn't take as long as you suggest.
scheinma3 years ago
Very good! The use of images were extremely helpful. Does this work with catmail as well?
KH23233 years ago
A previous comment suggested condensing the steps. I wonder if Step 2 and Step 3 (as we see here) can be combined under a heading like "Getting Started" or "Beginning" or something along those lines.
ksteven13 years ago
This looks like a great instructable but it was getting a bit tiring to click on the "Next Step" button that much and having to wait for the next page to load. It might be better if you could condense the steps and separate them into different categories instead.

Otherwise, the instructions are very well written and easy to follow.

Great job!
randofo3 years ago
Thanks for sharing this. I have always vaguely wondered how to do this, but never felt inspired enough to actually figure this out.