Introduction: How to Melt Paracord

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If you cut paracord you need to/ really should melt the ends to keep from fraying. This is a VERY basic instructable.

Step 2:

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You'll need some paracord with cut ends. The " guts" may be sticking out like on mine

Step 3:

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You then should cut the " guts" so they are some what short. I left mine a bit too long, it'll work either way long or short.

Step 4:

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You then need a flame source. In my case I'm using a zippo. A BIC will work too. A zippo is good for filming because it stays lit. Anywho you should hold the "guts" almost not in the flame but where it still melts. Like In The photo.

Step 5:

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Keep melting until you get to the "casing". You should get a dome shape on the end. IT WILL BE HOT!!! It will stick to your skin if it touches you. You could also wipe the end on something to make the end pointy.

Step 6:

And your done! I know it's a basic instructable but, why not? Try not to burn yourself. Feel free to comment and or follow


ConvairS (author)2015-11-02

You should have some type of ventilation as well. Melting paracord does give off fumes that are best to be avoided.

MandalorianMaker (author)2014-03-19

wet your finger with ur tongue and dap the end very fast to cool it faster

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