Introduction: How to Message Someone on an Apple Device

You will need:
An Apple device
An email address from someone with an iMessage

Step 1: Go to Message App

Go to the bottom of your screen and choose the Message app. It may be In a different place than mine is because I have things switched around.

Step 2: Push the Button at the Top

Push the pen and notepad icon at the top right.

Step 3: Enter Email Address

Enter the email address in the top box. If you click on it and it is red, it is invalid. It will not let you send an iMessage to this email if that is the case. If it is valid, you can send a message.

Step 4: Enter Your Message

Enter your message in the bottom box. When you have finished typing, press the 'send' button.

Step 5: Done!

Your message has sent!


Lollipop456 made it! (author)2014-07-20

Really SockMonkey4077, hunger games apps. XD

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Yes, I am on Wattpad. My name is Rue_Lemming.

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Great wallpaper.

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Thank you!