Step 1: The Top

Build a 3X3 with TNT with a hole in the middle
Then dig down one

Step 2: DIG!

Dig all the way down to bedrock
Then pilar up with TNT

Step 3: Finish the Pyramid

Add the final 2 blocks

Step 4: Let Blow!

Light the TNT

Step 5: Redstone

Step 6: Diamonds

Step 7: Mine All the Ores and Do It Again

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<p>can you help me right now help me make my own minecraft</p>
<p>Minecraft TNT,tools,and wenpin</p>
<p>it did not work</p>
it won't give you anything you will have to mine the ores your self
Just so you know I cheated in the diamonds just because I was unlucky and couldn't find any
Those were ment to be smile faces. WHOPS
<p>That's cool. Thanks for sharing.</p>

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