In this instructable I will be showing you how to mod a pair of Sony Ericsson Speakers to work with iPods, MP3's or anything that has a headphone socket!

This is my first instructable so I hope you like it!

Any cable with a 2.5mm jack on the end
Pair of Sony Ericsson speakers (I used the MPS-60)
Scissors (or wire strippers)
Electrical Tape
A lighter or matches.
Soldering iron (optional)
Sound output.

I would like to mention at this point that this instructable was produced a long time ago now, my skills are far superior to those displayed within the instructable. I might later upload an instructable relating to small portable speakers with a built in amp (3v button cell maybe?)

Step 1: Cutting the Speakers

This step can be done either with a screwdigger or with a T screwdriver (buy a whole set, they come in useful and I don't know what size.)

Unscrew the casing for the speakers, and cut the wires connecting them to the PCB (I believe this is an Amp, so I'd recommend you buy a small Amp later.)

Now get your scissors and and carefully strip the insulation from the outside of thecable leading to the speaker, make sure not to cut the cable, then cut the inner part of the insulation and seperate the two, now stripped, wires. (Note: this can be done much better with wire cutters or a stanley knife.)

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