This instructable will show you how to change your RipStik into a RipStik G!  The only other instructable about this involves cutting, making the rubber part irreplaceable and lowering any resale value it might have.  This shows a fully replaceable way to remove the rubber part.

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Step 1: Materials

You will need:

*A RipStik
*An Allen Key of the appropriate size

Step 2: Find the Key Slot

Or More Specifically, the the hole where the Allen Key goes.  Simply place it in the hole and unscrew it until the screw is all the way out.

Step 3: Remove the Foot Paddle

Grasp the rubber part, and pull the foot paddle until it slides off. 

Step 4: Remove the Rubber Part

First, remove the plastic clip near the now open side.  Keep this.  Push down on the open end, while sliding up the rubber part.  Once it's far enough off, take it off.

Step 5: Put the Paddle Back On

First, put the clip back on, then hold it in place while sliding the foot paddle over it.

Step 6: Ride Into the Sunset

Or something like that.  Just put the screw back in, check to make sure the foot paddles are the same distance apart, and go grinding!

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wouldnt it work better if you took a copper tube or something and replaced the rubber with the copper...?
That would actually be the best alternative, to take some metal pipe with a diameter just above that of the plastic/metallic tube that the rubber piece rests on. Unfortunately, I didn't have any pipe, and I'm a cheapskate, so I didn't get any.
haha okay
 I have to dislike this instructable due to the fact that I posted the same instructable and all you need is a knife
Yes you did make an Instructable on it.&nbsp; Your's inspired mine.&nbsp; Mine, in my opinion, is a little better because there's no risk of cutting your RipStik.&nbsp; It's a small detail, but some people might care about it.<br />
&nbsp;awesome! i will probably try this.

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