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Introduction: How to Moonwalk

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I've decided to start a new series featuring cool looking dance moves. This one is the intro one. I'm not going to keep making random ones that I think you guys should learn, I'm going to let you guys request them and I'll make it when I get two or more requests for the same one, each by different people.

This one is going to feature the Moonwalk, discovered by Michael Jackson (may he rest in peace). Great link to see moonwalk: (Moonwalk 3:30)

Step 1: Positioning

Alright for first step have your left foot behind your right foot (Easy!)

Step 2: Switch

Now keeping your left foot still, slide your right foot behind your left foot bringing in back.

Step 3: Now Do It Again!

Do the same thing, this time with your left foot. Done that: keep going until you are really making progress.

Step 4: Foot Work

Once you've got the hang of that, we're going to add something. Start walking forward and tell me what you notice about your feet. Oh wait - that's right you CAN'T. Because we're not instant messaging and you really can't reply. Ha! Sorry. Anyway though, you'll notice your back foot is pointed to the ground when the other foot moves in front and stays that way until the other foot starts moving in front of it. Now the moonwalk has a secret only a few of us know about - it's really as if your walking forwards, but moving backwards. So the foot you move behind is going to be up like mine is until the other foot starts moving behind it. That's when the other foot's turn to go up is.

Step 5: Flow

Get the hang of that and start moving in a nice, smooth flow moving backwards. It helps to watch you do it in front of the mirror. When you feel it's about right then starting flicking your head forward and do something with your arms. When you've got that down, you'll have the moo-oo-oo-ooo-oo-ooves like jackson! (Sorry had to do that)
Request any other moves you want to see a tutorial in in the comments section.



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