Step 6: Where to start?

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Selecting which kind of motor you will need for your project will be based how you are hoping to automate your piece. If you are seeking to attach a camera to a motor to pan left to right, a servo motor will be ideal. If you are trying to drive gears forwards or backwards, you will need a stepper motor.

A really excellent intermediate control device to use, is an Arduino, or a like-style microprocessing board. The wonderful thing about these boards is that they are variable input/output devices and can be programed to complete multitude of tasks, including motor automation.

The following steps will outline how you can combine the motors we have already talked about with an interface like the Arduino.
I just want to make a device that runs a motor that will pull a string at a constant rate. It has to be a smooth pull, not a jerky one, and it needs to pull at a variable rate from like one inch per 3 seconds to maybe 2 inches per second. What kind of motor would you recommend? Would I really need to have an Aurduino board or could I hook up a battery directly to it somehow?
coolnits3 years ago
I new to complex circuits and arduino. Wat is arduino?.
And do u program arduino with a computer?
if yes - Which language ?

Plzz answer.

----- curious beginner