Picture of How To Mount A Rifle Scope
By: Team ZWRR
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Step 1: Choosing Proper Base & Rings

1. Use a scope base chart such as the one found here ( along with your rifle manufacture and model to determine the model of scope bases needed for your rifle.
a. I prefer to use Weaver bases and rings since they have been in the industry for a long time, have a sound reputation, and are reasonably priced for the quality product they produce.

2. Select a set of scope rings to pair with your bases and scope based on the diameter of the tube of your scope. Modern scopes should have a tube diameter of either 30mm or 1 inch. It’s important to note, that since Weaver is an industry leader in the manufacturing of scope bases, alternative brand scope ring manufacturers’ do produce rings which are designed to work in conjunction with Weaver-style bases as long as the rings you purchase are marked as such.

Step 2: Mounting Base and Lower Rings to Rifle

Picture of Mounting Base and Lower Rings to Rifle
1. Using a small-thin flathead screw driver (such as one available in the Brownells-Magna Tip Super Set shown in picture (1)) and the hardware included with your bases to mount the scope bases to threaded holes in the receiver of your rifle (usually for two piece mounts “hardware” includes the two bases and four screws). (see picture (2) for reference).

Step 3: Mounting Base and Lower Rings to Rifle

Picture of Mounting Base and Lower Rings to Rifle
2. Mount the lower half of the scope ring to base using a larger flathead screwdriver since the smaller screwdriver (used to mount the bases) will likely slip inside the head of the screw which is used to fasten the scope ring to the base.

a. Be sure that the extrusion on the underside of the scope ring lines up with the slot in the scope base. It is important to securely fasten the large screw to the base so that the lower half of the scope ring will not move later. (see picture (3) for reference)