Introduction: How to NOT Rage

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Step 1: Raging Over Video Games

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To not rage over video games is a pretty hard skill to get so that's why Im here to tell you an easy way to get this skill,if you die in a videogame instead of raging just tell yourself maybe next time or I'm coming back for revenge.

Step 2: Raging Over a Lost Thing

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Now sometimes you might loose something you really need and you tend to just rage over it because you can't find it but instead of getting mad and throwing a hissy fit you can just go look at the news or listen to music

Step 3: Raging Over Pain

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Sometimes you might step on a little piece of lego and you tend to just freak out but instead of freaking out just rub the part that's hurting for a bit and get up and see if it feels fine if not then you could just watch tv while sitting/laying down or just play video games

Step 4: Raging Over "Bully's"

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People may tend to just really bug you and call you names and sometimes those names can get you pretty mad but instead of raging just tell that person that's is bugging you "I don't like those names can you stop" or you can just walk away and go do something else

Step 5: Raging Over Anything

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Sometimes you might rage over the smallest stuff or the biggest stuff but no matter what always put a smile on your face because you can't really rage with a smile on your face,it'll just look weird...


C013Y (author)2014-06-18

Your welcome! (P.s you commented that on my birthday :3)

devonfletch (author)2014-06-12

This has helped my (low-level-autistic) teenager, immensely! We just say 'Hey!, Where's that smile?', and he cracks up, the rage just evaporates. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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