How to Not Get Arrested at a Riot/Protest





Introduction: How to Not Get Arrested at a Riot/Protest

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Face it, sometime or another the thrill of a riot will overcome you and you will be among a group of people running around getting tear gassed. Being arrested sucks ( a lot). so it would be best to stay out of jail. This instructable tries to help make that happen from personal experience.



Step 1: Dress for Success

The first thing to worry about is what to wear. This depends on the kind of event. If it's a mass anarchist demonstration, it might be best to wear black bloc to blend in. Other times whatever goes. I have found that dressing like yuppie/tourist is the best. In San Francsico, people are targeted and detained for just showing up to a protest wearing black. Yuppie bloc is a way to remain invisible while the police are looking for people to pick out. The more you look like a cop the better!

If you are doing anything that might be illegal be sure to dress is a way that does not reveal your identity. sunglasses and a mask work wonders. after an action be sure to ditch clothing people might recognize.

If you can manage it having multiple outfits can help

Yuppie gear essentials
-polo shirt
-baseball cap
-goatee and short hair for men, moderate hair for girls
-nice shoes

Step 2: Have a Getaway Plan

Knowing when to get away is a good way to not get arrested. keep your eyes and ears open for anything police might be doing to catch people off guard. If you see a march going down a blocked off street, the police may have a plan to round everyone up and do a mass arrest. Make sure you always have an exit.

A good thing to keep with you during these kinds of things is a bicycle, it is very fast and allows one to get away from police or other hazards may the need arise. It also allows you to scout out areas and warn others if the police are staging something.

Step 3: Know When to Leave

This is one of the most important things against getting arrested, When is a good time to spilt? This can be different for every action and is really up to you. In my experience when i start freaking out is a good time for me to leave. If you don't know you can out run the police DON'T RUN! running will give them a reason to chase you, if you can slip away unnoticed, that's, the best method.

Also be sure to check on the people you are with and see what their threshold is, that might be a good indicator.

Step 4: Question Your Arrest Level

The last thing you should do is question your arrest level. if you are with friends doing things that you really believe in is it worth the night in jail? this might change as the action goes on. It's best not to let the worry of arrest prevent you from expressing your dissatisfaction with the status quo. Be sure to also consider who can take care of things while your in jail.

do you have someone to call? who will feed your cat? What is the Legal Support Number?
always expect to get arrested but do what you can to prevent it. if you're out of jail you see to fight another day!

I hope this helps anyone it can, please comment with suggestions and things you felt i left out.



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    It would appear to me that the best way to get out of something in a hurry would be to bring a few smoke grenades like you would use in airsoft. Pop a few in a different direction to distract, throw one at your feet and then start to parkour your butt out of there. The chances of police using Infrared are barely even worth consideration.

    2 replies

    That sounds good in a movie script, but is a terrible idea in practice. Use of smoke grenades by protesters is classified as an aggressive act, giving the police the right to go in and whoop your ass. Batons hurt.

    throwing a smoke grenade anywhere near police will result in a hail of rubber bullets coming your way.

    this instructable was realy interesting but i guess dressing up as a cop wil get you jailed even more!

    This could've been handy for the people at the London Riots :D

    thank you so much for making an instructable about this. people should really read this, especially people who have been to one or two protests and expect to go to more. There is a lot to learn and it is great to have an opportunity to learn it the easy way, i.e. reading this instructable.

    you could always make bombs in your basement or some other illegal in-home activity. Also, watch you spelling and punctuation.

    Oh and by far the best instructable to grace instructables.

    i always thought a good majority of this information was common sense(not so common i guess). never woudl have thought about clothing choice though. my style is a perfect blend of the general public who are normally the ones protesting :D