Picture of How To Ollie
Necessary Materials:
-Comfortable Shoes (not sandels)
-Large flat/smooth surface

Step 1: Find a Skateboard!

Picture of Find a Skateboard!
You will want to find a skateboard that is in somewhat good condition for a more enjoyable ride and smooth transition into your ollie.
newb3 years ago
really whats more important i think is to suck your legs up after you pop and move your front leg out in front of you, i couldn't get a slow motion video but took a few screens from a video of me getting 5 boards so hopefully it helps someone
boned ollie slow motion.png
Sharp_Tack3 years ago
Im like Tony Hawk now!
hyruler_3 years ago
cool but in my opinion you should make
it have thre parts where, like-"you have to keep your shoulders as straight as the board"
scott!3 years ago
This just looks painful.
steve_budde3 years ago
I love the two last words, sounds so simple. Still trying to do it! :)
scoochmaroo4 years ago
Can you show us a video? And maybe one in slow motion too?