Introduction: How to Ollie the Easy Way

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In this instructable I will be showing you how to Ollie the easiest way

Step 1: Foot Placement

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Foot placement is vital for an Ollie. You need to be comfortable on your board and know if your goofy or regular. If your regular you have your left foot forward and your right foot back. When your goofy (like me) your right foot forward and your left foot back.

Step 2: Pop the Tail

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Now you need to pop the tail over and over until your comfortable

Step 3: Slide That Foot

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This is what makes it happen it makes the board go up and straighten out

Step 4: Jump

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This is what makes the board go up

Step 5: Having Trouble

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If you have trouble with balance get skatertrainers and be better with your Ollie.

Hope you liked it

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Thelearnermustlearn332 (author)2016-12-11

It worked

skateboarder clay (author)2014-07-24

Alright I will

You should post a video!

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