How to Open a Door





Introduction: How to Open a Door

Hello, today I will teach you how to open a door. It is a hard skill to learn but once mastered it is simple.

Step 1: The Approach

When you first approach the door, proceed with caution because it can open and hit you in the face or body or something.

Step 2: The Grab

When you grab the knob of the door make sure it's a firm grab, like your shaking someone's hand.

Step 3: The Twist and Push

When you grab the door knob, turn it and push it and make sheer you don't hit any one with the door.

Step 4: Try It!!!!!!

Please don't get frustrated, just keep trying it and don't give up or kill your self with the frustration.



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Dude! My house just got three times the size!!!

Its about time someone did this or I never would have been to go to the bathroom.

Does it apply for both entering and exiting? I entered a room and now I'm trapped :( Help please!

Would it be possible to make one for an automatic door. its just that a couldn't find the handle to push.

This is far too technical for me!

What if it doesn't push open? Is it possible to pull a door open?

for over 60 years I've been doing it wrong. I've been using my right hand instead of my left as you do. GROW UP!

Still not clear...I tried and tried. Is there something I'm missing? Will this work on windows too?

Dude freakin love it! Put a smile on my face!

Thanks this will be great for day to day life