How to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Wine Opener





Introduction: How to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Wine Opener

Nifty little trick I picked up after trying to super cool my wine. I don't know how many times I have bought a bottle of wine and not been able to open it.

There are many other ways to open a wine bottle without a cork screw, however I have found them hard and messy.

My solution is simple, elegant and fun. All it takes is a little patience and some planning to enjoy a nice night of chilled wine.

Step 1: Get Wine.


Step 2: Chill

Make sure to use a cold freezer and prop up the top in the event the cork pops out or drips.

Step 3: Wait Over Night

You just give the wine time to freeze. The pressure from the water expanding into ice pushed against the cork from the inside loosening it.

Step 4: Remove the Next Day

Take the wine out. Examining it for damage. With any luck the cork should have pushed out.

Step 5: Enjoy! or Save the Wine for Another Time

Simply remove the cork wrapper and pull cork out with fingers. It should be plenty loose. If the cork is more than half way in you might have trouble. Try using a cloth to grip the cork and twist and wiggle while pulling.


Cheers guys thanks for reading!



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    If you plan on finishing the bottle in one go (really easy to do if its two or more people drinking it) just push the cork into the bottle with your thumb or a mixing spoon handle. The cork will float inside the bottle, so when you go to pour it will rise out of the way of the pour.

    Они это серьёзно?!

    Well, that's a great tip - but not if you want the wine straightaway! I have seen a trick where you just keep banging the botom of the bottle on a wall and this forces the cork out. Largely the same principle, except liquid wine pressure rather than frozen wine pressure. Good stuff, TylerG5 - I like the way your inventiveness is channelled! keep it coming!

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    I used a screw once. It did a great job and the risk of breaking the bottle is minimal.

    Advice for sparkling wines? Freezing would release the CO2 and make it flat.

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    Get a bottle opener.

    I don't really drink wine but I wouldn't put mine in the freezer. Just can't imagine it would taste the same.

    sara' pure una idea originale... ma quando hai tolto il vino lo puoi tranquillamente buttare perche' lo hai rovinato.

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    Really cool idea! Nothing better than using natural forces of air pressure to get things done!