How to Open and Use a Shoji Lantern




Introduction: How to Open and Use a Shoji Lantern

Step 1: Get Your Shoji Lantern

First you need a shoji lantern. Go get one.

Step 2: Open

Open the box. You will see a neat little package. Once you get it out of the package you will have what looks like a mini parasol with no handle.

Step 3: Get It to Lantern Shape

There should be a little tassel on the bottom of the lantern. Hold both the Top and the bottom and pull. You could hang up your lantern like this, but it would have no lighting.

Step 4: Lighting

On the bottom there is a tassel and the top there is a slit and a cord for hanging.

Step 5:

Make sure not to break the lamp when opening the slit!

Step 6:

Pull open the slit and secure your lightbulb and wiring by any means possible.

Step 7:

Make sure the lightbulb won't be going anywhere when you hang up the lamp. Attach the wiring for the lamp wherever possible. Now hang up that lantern and enjoy!!!



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