Introduction: How to Open Any Jar

Easy way to open any jar by using a knife.

Tools required: Knife or similar

Step 1:

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Insert the knife under the lid and just twist the knife little bit.

Step 2:

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Pressure in the jar is released, and opening a lid is very easy.


buck2217 (author)2015-06-27

This will be handy as i get older and weaker!

VideoBlinks (author)buck22172015-06-27


buck2217 (author)VideoBlinks2015-06-28

Or I could get the wife to do it ---(big woman!!!lol)

thundrepance (author)2015-06-23

wow! so much better than the way i learned from my mom: run lid under hot water & tap firmly with a knife .... it doesn't work right away. takes much hot water, & infinite tapping >:^(

thank-you for sharing this much simpler, quicker way, v.b! x^D

VideoBlinks (author)thundrepance2015-06-23

I'm glad. Thanks.

lgooms (author)2015-06-12

I do this with a spoon!

biftek (author)2015-06-10

have done in this in the past , but didn't really trust the knife

best method i found was to give the bottom of the jar a smack with the palm of your hand , the thumb section of your palm , this will force the air in the jar up popping the safety seal

VideoBlinks (author)biftek2015-06-10

I'm aware of that method, but most of time it takes a lot of smacking before the pressure is released. (not to mention big jars)

Sunglowart (author)2015-06-09

I must try this out! I have always done acrobatics to get these jars open.... Sometimes the pressure is sooo much. Thanks was useful

VideoBlinks (author)Sunglowart2015-06-09

You are welcome! Very easy to open once pressure released.

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