Picture of How To Open Fortune Cookie
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Step 1: Get Cookie Out Of The Wrapper

Picture of Get Cookie Out Of The Wrapper
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The packaging is quite easy to open.

Step 2: Crack Open

Picture of Crack Open
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Crack the cookie open. MAKE SURE NOT TO RIP THE FORTUNE!!!

Step 3: Pull Out Fortune

Picture of Pull Out Fortune
Pull the fortune out of the cookie. Do not rip the fortune!

Step 4: Read The Fortune

Picture of Read The Fortune
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There's usually a fortune telling you about the future, past, present, advice, or predictions. Then look on the back for your lucky numbers. And look a the thing that teaches you how to say things in Chinese.

Step 5: Eat Cookie!!!

Picture of Eat Cookie!!!
I was always told, your fortune won't come true unless you eat the cookie! Hope you know how to open a fortune cookie now. If for some weird reason you didn't know how.
TimsProjects (author) 9 months ago
Cool! I'll try that!!!
Fission Chips9 months ago

Fortune cookies are really tasty! Could you post another Instructable on how to get the fortune out without defacing the cookie in any way?