Picture of How To Open Fortune Cookie
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Step 1: Get Cookie Out Of The Wrapper

Picture of Get Cookie Out Of The Wrapper
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The packaging is quite easy to open.

Step 2: Crack Open

Picture of Crack Open
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Crack the cookie open. MAKE SURE NOT TO RIP THE FORTUNE!!!

Step 3: Pull Out Fortune

Picture of Pull Out Fortune
Pull the fortune out of the cookie. Do not rip the fortune!

Step 4: Read The Fortune

Picture of Read The Fortune
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There's usually a fortune telling you about the future, past, present, advice, or predictions. Then look on the back for your lucky numbers. And look a the thing that teaches you how to say things in Chinese.

Step 5: Eat Cookie!!!

Picture of Eat Cookie!!!
I was always told, your fortune won't come true unless you eat the cookie! Hope you know how to open a fortune cookie now. If for some weird reason you didn't know how.
TimsProjects (author) 1 month ago
Cool! I'll try that!!!

Fortune cookies are really tasty! Could you post another Instructable on how to get the fortune out without defacing the cookie in any way?