Introduction: How to Organize Your Stuff

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Step 1: Materials

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Hey guz well iam going to show you how to orginize your stuff.If you are tierd of your little stuff all over the place you came to the right one!!!!! Its only in 9 easy steps !!! Plz no bad comments if you know how to do this you don't need to see it again


Index cards

Step 2:

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Open your box

Step 3:

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Cut like about 1/3 of an index card and cup like 2 or 3 pieces depends how big your box is

Step 4:

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Get your tape and tape the edge of the index card

Step 5:

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Fold the corner where your tape is

Step 6:

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Get your box and your items

Step 7:

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Seperate your items into catigories

Step 8:

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Open your box and put the index cards in

Step 9: Finished

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Just put your items in and there you go hope you enjoy plz favorite and comment


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